That's because his early music career coincided with an interest in weight training. "Weight training is a lot simpler than people think it is,” reasons the 43-year-old. "All you have to do is cut all the extreme junk out of your diet. Being in good shape is a very easy thing to do. People just don't want to put forth the effort in doing it.”

Though he admits to effortlessly exercising way before he made his name as The Furious Five's frontman ("I used to do a lot of calisthenics, but after a while, you can't grow from  calisthenics. It's a natural progression to graduate to the weights.”), it was when he wasn't in the limelight that he started hitting the gym. "I was always putting on size,” he begins. "But I wasn't in a position, as far as the music business, for people to actually see me progressively put on weight. For me being old, being I never stopped working out, my muscle is starting to mature now so I'm thickening out. The only memory people have of me is from ‘The Message' video.”