The Size Up
He may not be cognizant of it, but Tip gives sideways props. Backhanded compliments, if you will. Example: "How do you feel about Andre's style of dress?” Answer: "3000 is fresh in his own way. He's fresh for him, [but it's] not really my taste.” Point made. Clifford Harris, despite being comfortable wearing rainbow-bright color palettes, is essentially a conservatively dressed Southern gentleman. This is not to say that seeing him enter his burgundy 2005 Ferrari Scaglietti in a tailored Brooks Brothers suit is a routine sight. L.A. Reid he isn't. Still, the Atlanta native is willing to put his suit knowledge up against any baggy- suit-wearing MC. Slim in build, he's aware that an oversize suit on a man isn't ill. It's just ill, as in ill-fitting, as in not fly. And Tip would sooner endorse Lucky Charms than not be out-of-the-box fresh.

‘‘ You can define me in one word: fly. You can stretch that out as long as you like by adding words like fresh, upscale, exquisite, classy, debonair. Just smashing in general. But to be truthful, words don't describe style. It's an expression.… I'm not afraid to do colors. They work well with my skin tone. Pink is as good a color as any.''

[*FYI: When you're discussing the power of the Euro or debating KB8's shot selection with fellow suit aficionados, use the term tailored not fitted.]