Colts vs. Bears. Peyton Manning vs. The Greats. Rex Grossman vs. The Flakes. Tony "The Teacher” Dungy vs. Lovie "The Pupil” Smith. There are a million and one storylines to choose from for this Sunday's game. Most media outlets down in Miami are seemingly going with the obvious: Offense vs. Defense. It's a safe angle, so we're going to tag along with it, too. But rather than look at Indy's much-discussed, Manning-orchestrated offense and the Bears' stifling D, it's high time the Colts' defense and Chi-town's O got some ink.

Though nowhere near as suffocating as you'd expect a Super Bowl contender to be without the ball, Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney and the rest of the Colts are gifted enough (and a tad frustrated) to hunker down when it's time to. Indy, looking at my Tag Heuer, it's about that time. The Bears are the perfect opponent for the speedy Colts to have their statement game on D.

But don't get it twisted. Chicago, who's quietly put together games of 30+ points eight times this season, has some pop. Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson make up a burly, hole-finding RB combo. And that Bernard Berrian is one of the premier young wideouts in the League. But because the way-too-erratic Grossman (in the NFC title victory, Rex was a gross 11 for 26 in pass attempts) is the one responsible for getting them the ball, you never know which Bears team will show.

Expect the Chicago QB to break his hex of inconsistency here. Something about the way he's carried himself the past few days hint at a decent Super Bowl showing. (Translation: He won't loss the game for the Bears.) It won't be quite enough to counter what the Colts have in store –"[Peyton's] throwing the ball as well as ever,” Dungy told reporters earlier in the week—but the game will prove a worthy NFL finale.

Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis 27, Chicago 17