PRIMARIES? PRIMARIES? IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY AND YES, I'M TALKING ABOUT PRIMARIES! I know politics can be a touchy subject, but just like on May 1 a few years back  (lol), I'm jumping out feet first (I was a breech baby) and hope I stick the landing. It's Super Tuesday and 24 states will hold primaries. For a list of the states click here. If you haven't guessed, yes I'm a Democrat and these 24 states count for 52 percent of all pledged Democratic Party delegates. This is major for the candidates. I am not one to try to force my choices upon anyone (see picture), but if you are in these 24 states, GO VOTE!! My ideal ticket (see picture again), is Obama/Edwards, in my opinion this is the best donkey able to ride all the way into the White House. Why, you ask?

For one the way Obama and Hillary have bashed each other in the media, I just don't think it would be a believable partnership. Second Obama's and Edwards campaign slogans - "Stand for a Change” (Obama) and "Tomorrow Begins Today” (Edwards) - are pretty much synonymous. Lastly, if you look closely at their political positions - click here for Obama and click here for Edwards - quite a few match as well. That's my opinion (see picture again). My Obama/Edwards slogan would be "Stand for Change because Tomorrow Begins Today”.  Side note: Every time I typed Obama spell check would change it to Osama….


AFTER 8 YEARS, ART MONK  IS FINALLY A HALL OF FAMER!! Ok, had to get that out!! I am so happy for him; I've been lobbying for him for quite some time now!! Can't forget about the one and only Darrell Green!!! Congrats to both of them!!! Now Mr. Snyder do the right thing and go get Steve Spagnuolo (Sorry Giants fans, you know the routine,  anyone who wins the Super Bowl, must be subjected to having parts of their team taken away, it's an unwritten rule LOL) or Ron Meeks. Please stay away from Jim Fassel and Steve Mariucci. I actually wouldn't mind Russ Grimm (Go Hogs) coaching the Skins.

Now that football season is over (Much love to the G-Men for winning the title after a 6 year NFC drought), we can turn our attention to basketball. If you already haven't figured it out I'm a Knicks fan (stop laughing, I can hear you). I know my Knicks won't even sniff the playoffs this year, but as a true fan I must support them. I may even have to suit up for them (Hit me up Mr. Dolan!).  For the NBA Finals, I'm going with the Celtics vs Hornets. My fantasy BBall squad is struggling, but I still have hope and I'm the commissioner, so if I send a trade request, it better be accepted!!! LOL!!! For my Final Four (yes I'm into college sports too). I'm going with Georgetown, Memphis, UNC and for my long shot pick Kansas St. (you heard it first in the Nest).

Cyber breaking up is so hard easy to do…. I'm sure some or maybe most of you have experienced a "cyber break-up”. I've had a few over the past couple of weeks (there goes my e-valentine's day cards). I just don't get it. I know that some people feel that e-mails (especially forwards) are impersonal. However, if a person makes an effort to type or include you from an address list to send you something, this means they are thinking of you. I know in today's world a lot of us work more than one job or maybe that one job keeps you super busy. Everyone doesn't have time to pick up the phone (I know I don't). I feel it's rude when I do talk to someone and the conversation goes like this (Hi, How are you? Talk to you soon. Bye.),  because I don't have the time to converse. When I send out e-mails that's my way of keeping in touch and saying, "Hey, I'm thinking about you." I also use e-mail to get the word out about what I've been up to, if I'm making an appearance, etc. I don't understand why people get offended by this. Communication is communication, no matter what form it comes in, and e-mail is the easiest communication out there. I'm communicating to you as you read this now. I have family members that I only communicate via e-mail and it doesn't mean I love or care for them any less.  I appreciate getting an e-mail or a text message from people that say, "Hello. Hope all is well. Just checking in," etc. Now don't get me wrong when it comes to intimate relationships, cyber communication is ok, but not all the time, if that's the only way you all are communicating then you need to re-think that relationship. If you've never met the person in the flesh and your only communication has been cyber, why mess up a good thing? To keep it real, with my part-time business, it's better for me to keep cyber relationships strictly cyber, it's not personal, it's safety. I understand some forwards (especially the ones that make no sense at all), can be annoying, but it's called the "delete” button. USE IT!  I don't need for people to let me know they are taking me off their e-mail list because they would rather hear my voice. It's not that I don't want to talk to you; I just don't have the time. When I do, I'm more than happy to dial a friend's number. So please stop with the Cyber Break Ups!!!!  If you feel that strongly, then block that person from your e-mail list, it's really easy to do. I welcome all "Cyber” friendships in my Yahoo Group.

" Your life is a book read by many, understood by few, but lived by none but you."- Nigerian Proverb

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