According to stereotypes, you'd sooner find the Beach Boys' Surfin Safari LP than a weathered surfboard in a black man's cabana. Then there's Rusty White, a Marley-loving dude who didn't get the memo. White is riding his way through the surfing world's prestigious World Qualifying Series.

Others in the series—like big kahunas Ben Bourgeois and Damien Hobgood—probably wish his passion for the sport would wipe out, as White is scheduled to compete in the WQS's all-important No Fear Surf Fiesta this October in Mexico for $25,000 in prizes. "I'd love to make a real living off of this,” says Rusty, whose chief supporters are the Black Surfing Association and clothier LRG. "I have a couple of small sponsors that help me out here and there, but I haven't found that big contract yet.”

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