As the portable device market gets bigger and bigger, the products seem to get smaller and smaller. First it was the Pearl, which was about as small of a mobile handheld device as we thought possible. But now we have the Dash, a name so fitting for T-Mobile's slick new PDA. Not to be confused with a BlackBerry, the T-Mobile Dash is a super-thin Smartphone, measuring 0.51 inches and only weighing 4.2 ounces. And like that small unassuming house you see in the trap, the Dash has a lot more going on the inside.

Surf the web damn near anywhere with Wi-Fi capability and make or break plans at the touch of a button with Outlook Mobile, courtesy of the Dash's Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. Speakerphone and Bluetooth capabilities come with, and because it's T-Mobile you also get the myFaves feature, so the VIP's in your life get upgraded. And in the meantime in between time of doing big business with Dash, go crazy with it's 1.3-megapixel camera and the Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for on-the-go music and video. It's the kind of Dash even Hova would roll with.