snoopdogtag2_feature.jpgIn the post-Bape era, rapper fashion has become sickeningly predictable. It's all raw denim, burnished belt buckles, rock T-shirts and the constant reminder that Kanye can correctly pronounced Belgian designers' names (and that, shortly thereafter, Lupe can too). For a shake-up, a trend-setting veteran is needed. Snoop Dogg, 36, always brings something different to the closet. One day Mr. Calvin Broadus is stunting in a plume of disco ball-lit smoke, kitted in a bejeweled white tux and tails; on another, he's reclining on a chaise in Italian satin on the cover of Vogue L'Uomo. The Doggfather, who's released his ninth album in 15 years, Ego Trippin', undoubtedly understands the value of a calculated fashion gamble while never compromising personal style.

STORY Mary H.K. Choi
PHOTOGRAPHY Giuliano Bekor
STYLING April Roomet

KING: Your "Sensual Seduction" video borrows heavily from the '70s. What about that era do you like, style-wise?

SNOOP DOGG: I remember all my uncles were sharp in the '70s. It used to be all about dressing for the occasion, like players. All them three-piece suits, brims, netted tank tops in the summer, shirts with the collars wide open - I liked that pimp style.

Those were some tight, super-'70s pants in the video, too.
It's not a five-day-a-week look for me. It would have to be an occasion like a photo shoot.

Speaking of shoots, you stunned the fashion community when you graced the cover of the December Vogue L'Uomo, the Italian Men's Vogue. Was the comfortableness you exuded just an act?
It's not uncomfortable for me, but it's not in my nature to wear something like that myself. That magazine thing ain't my style. I don't get down like that, wearing little pants and all that. i went with it because it was a fashion statement. I wasn't gonna turn them down and say, "If I'm not wearing a khaki suit, I ain't going to do it." I ain't afraid to try shit.

So you're not going to start wearing tapered, fitted jeans?

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