To a point, but who wants to jump through hoops for Jenny when Jessica and January are all on standby?
Yeah, but if you're really serious about someone you should be willing to take your time. Slow walk it and the sex will be that much better 'cause you've connected spiritually and mentally. After a while, a hole is a hole; it's gonna take more than that to keep that relationship going.

What if the person you attract is into tricking off a fistful of singles at the nudie bar every day? You gonna become a regular at Magic City?
I think not. Whenever I do decide to settle down and get into a [serious] relationship, I don't want that person to change. What happens in marriages is that you expect that person to change or conform or become different, but that's not what attracted you to that person in the first place. So if [my man] is used to going to the strip club on Wednesday, baby, keep going.