AGE: 28


HEIGHT: 5'3”


ETHNICITY: Pakistani

HOMETOWN: Queens Village, New York

WEB SITE: tehmeena.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/missmeena

YOU'VE SEEN HER IN: MTV's Silent Library; "Ha Ha” video by Fat Joe; "Rockin' That Thing (Remix)” video by The-Dream featuring Fabolous; "You're Right” and "I'll Do Anything” videos by 50 Cent; "Call Me Up” video by Grafh; "Ride the Wave” video by Trav; "Part-Time Lover” video by Phar-City

KING: You can take a bow later for the honor of being KING's "Foreign Exchange” girl. First off, what is Pakistan like? 

TEHMEENA: H-O-T! The heat reaches upwards of 120 degrees sometimes.

Throwing in a hell reference would be inappropriate, wouldn't it? Continue.

My most recent visits have been short and sweet. And their rules for women are very strict, which is a reason I am skeptical about going back again anytime soon.

How strict are they? This is the same country where a woman completely covered up is commonplace, correct?

Absolutely! It's just that since they're raised to cover themselves up, we don't see a lot of the beautiful women there. Even faces are covered in some part of that area, which is why Pakistan is probably the last country that anyone would imagine a model to come out of.

Which is why you're going against the grain wearing nothing but a smile in your H2O-infused KING shoot. What a rebel you are.

I receive a lot of backlash and hate mail from men and women from Pakistan and similar countries telling me that I'm going to burn and that I'm shaming my country and religion. Some of these people are even born and raised in the U.S. But for the amount of negativity I receive, I also have 100 times more support from people of my culture. They love the fact that I'm showing the world the beauty that comes out of Pakistan, and hopefully more women will have the courage to pursue their dreams—even if it's a little outside of our cultural boundaries.


What made you decide to model?

I was told by a lot of people that I have a very unique look and [the] personality to go with it. I started off being featured on mixtape covers, and after receiving such an overwhelming response, naturally I decided to go for it all the way.

What makes 'Meena tick?

I would describe myself as persistent, determined, hard-working, funny, outgoing, loving, sensitive, energetic and impulsive.


So what was the impulse that scored you the gig on MTV's Silent Library?

I love the show and saw that they were casting for a hot girl. I sent in my photo and they called me back immediately, which led me to the role of taking off my jeans in front of a group of guys for them to put on.

There's something to be said about a woman who strips in a sacred haven for silence and education. Ever disturbed the peace in a library?

Unfortunately, I haven't had any, and I've never disturbed the peace. I'm a quiet, good girl.

That is hard to believe, but one thing is for certain: You definitely are the center of attention.

I've always been the center of attention, all the way back to high school and college, when I was an all-star softball player, until now. I will never, ever do anything over the top for attention.


We're almost positive you already gain enough of that lugging those saddlebags everywhere you go. What would you say is your best physical attribute?

My face; it brings a different look to my photos. Because of my ethnicity, that draws more attention to me than a lot of other models.

Really? So we're not going to give props to those tig ol' bitties—that's sure to be what others believe is your best physical attribute.

[Laughs] Ha! They're huge!

Clearly. How does your search for attention work in your love life?

As far as my love life is concerned, I absolutely need attention. If I don't get it, of course, just like anyone who needs love, I will move on. It usually isn't hard for me to keep the attention of my man unless something is mentally wrong with him. 

That or he has cataracts.