Do you ever find being bisexual to be totally exhausting?
Not really. People have a misconception that just because you're bisexual, you're turned on by everyone everywhere you go. That's totally not true. I think it's more fun being bisexual, because sometimes you want to get away from guys. And then you go back to girls and you get something totally new and different. Then, after a while, that gets boring, so you go back. It's always nice to have so many options.

What about the people who say you're not really bisexual—that you're hetero and just pretending for the show? Care to set the record, uh, straight?
They can suck my dick.

Talk about sexual ambiguity!
If you're faking bisexuality, then you'd be one of those Girls Gone Wild girls. I'm not one of those fake ones. I have real emotions for people, whether they're male or female. So whoever said that shows me that they're really ignorant, and it makes me cringe. It's like saying, "Hey, you're not really Vietnamese, you're just trying to be.” How do you answer that?

How did you get your name? I'm assuming you don't come from a long line of Vietnamese Tequilas.
Well, my name is Tila, but I got "Tequila” when I was 13. I was hanging with a bunch of friends, we drank tequila for the first time and I puked all over the place. I was really embarrassed, and the next day at school everybody had heard about it. They were winking and laughing and started calling me Tila Tequila. The name kind of stuck with me ever since. It's got a catchy ring to it, you know?

Good thing you were drinking tequila. Tila Jägermeister or Tila Peach Schnapps doesn't have quite the same ring.
Yeah, exactly. Or Tila Buttery Nipple.

Wait, that one actually works. You've also called yourself "the baddest bitch on the block.” Have you always been so naughty?
When I was younger, I was foolish and would rob houses and stupid things like that, but I've paid my dues. They actually sent me away to a correctional facility for bad kids. They put us on those small, special school buses, the short ones. They put you on a point list: You start off in level one, and it's like prison. You can't eat the good food, you have to sit isolated, by yourself. And as you do well in class and get along with other students, then you move to level two.