Helio's multimedia capabilities and sleek, sexy look make this phone a must have for the young, fly, and flashy set. Hero, one of the first phones featured at http://www.helio.com is jam packed with extras like a 2.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom. And with 3G technology, feel free to go online to places like MTV Mobile where you can download and stream the latest videos. Or hit up MySpace, who have partnered up with Helio to create MySpace Mobile - giving you the chance to hit your MySpace jump-off from the hip. A high-resolution LCD display with over 200,000 colors makes all your photos and videos look extra clean. But the real gem is the duplex stereo speakers, which give every other music player phone a run for it's money. With knock like this and more extras than an award show gift bag, phone numbers are secondary.