For oceanside players, Dollicia Bryan is the ultimate catch. Unfamiliar with the sensuality of beach scenery, though, the Portland, Oregon, bombshell says watching sunsets while sitting on sand isn't her idea of romance. We see through the 34C-24-40 packer's game. Really, Dollicia, 23, is just waiting for one suave beachgoer to drown her desires in sexual stimulation. Preferably one who uses Axe body spray.

You're an admitted stranger to the hormonal playgrounds that are beaches. What gives?
You're asking somebody who's from Oregon, where it rains nine months out of the year. We do have a beach, but nobody comes with me.

Does Oregon have a large population of blind men?
[Laughs] I don't know, I think those romantic days are over. You know, strolling, walking and holding hands on the beach. If you decide to go to a beach, I think it's best to just chill and talk. That's not the place to…bow-chicka-wow-wow [laughs].

Is there any way we could convince you otherwise?
It'd have to be a real special guy and a real special moment.

How special?
I'd love to go to an island with a nice gentleman and to a nice secluded beach and…bow-chicka-wow-wow. It'd be something I'd like to do in my lifetime, before I get wrinkles.

What if a guy wanted to rub lotion on your body?
I can't even be relaxed when someone is rubbing me. I freak out about getting massages.

C'mon, D. Give us something!
[Laughs] I'd let him do it from the knee down. Maybe! I can't let just anyone touch my body like that. He might get a hard-on, and it'd freak me out.--Sean A. Malcolm