The Spanish-language channel's main attraction isn't gory Biblical reenactments, however, but Paola Rey, star of Pasion de Gavilanes. In Pasion, a telenovela of revenge and love, the 24-year-old Columbian—who previously starred in the ultra-popular ?Porque Diablos? as a woman in love with a thief—plays the fun-filled sister in a trio of angelic mamis. The stunning, eight-year acting vet has also been featured in international advertising campaigns for Toyota, Head & Shoulders, and presently Neutrogena. Yet with all that love, this is her American media debut.

Who cares if she can't speak a lick of English? We've got writers who speak Spanish! Besides, Paola was destined to spread for KING (Her last name means "king” in Spanish, fellow Americans). Either that or flourish as an Outkast cover artist.