As Jay-Z suggests, it's not so much the bright watch as it is the right watch - but there's one watch out there that's a little bit of both. The Breitling watch is a classic timepiece, strictly made for those who really know what time it is. The outer face is made from glare-proof, cumbered sapphire crystal – the hardest stone second to diamond – and the casing comes in a choice of mother pearl, rose gold, white gold and stainless steel. But before the timepiece can hit shelves, each one must go through chronometer certification – a rigorous through forty-one-checkpoint exam given to only 3 percent of all watches made in Switzerland. And with stars like NBA guard Dwyane Wade and Miami rapper Rick Ross rocking their own customized versions, be ready for other major players to soon be rolling with the right watch. – Tiffany Coleman

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