"Then I cc'd every girl I used to see see around town" - Andre 3000

For those who make it a habit of reading Broke Thought$, I'm sure you have picked up on the brief and sporadic moments I mention some part of my biography. If you paid attention, you would know I live in New York City, I was raised on the West Coast, I'm in my mid-20's, and I have a girlfriend. For those who really know me, the man behind Huey P. Langston, you too know these details.

But, right now, my life is begging for a platform, because as a writer, this is how I work through things. I write them out. Like those old math problems where you had to show your work. And so I'm throwing out my no-entries-about-my-personal-life rule, because fuck it, what I'm about to say is a big change for any man or woman. And I'd like to hear what the people think.

Wifey is moving in with me. (cue up the Hitchcock music here)

Now, have no fear, I'm still going to be talking a great deal of shit in my columns about absolutely nothing, but every once in a while, I will be giving you folks a dose of my Cohabitation Chronicles. I have never lived with a woman before, and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect. I'm excited, but tell me fellas, when is the honeymoon over? Ladies, do you ever get tired of having sex with the same person over and over again even if it was at first the best thing you've had since chocolate milk? How the hell do you give each other space in a one-bedroom apartment? Did I do the right thing by erasing all those old phone numbers of former flings out of my phonebook? Am I gaining more and giving up less, or giving up more and gaining less?

She will be landing here on September 8, 2007, two days after I'm posting this, and I have all these questions. And the thing is, I've been had all these questions, all summer, ever since we decided we'd take this next step. Unlike most people, who usually end up living with their boo on some spur of the moment shit, this is a very deliberate, planned out move. You know how most folks move in together because they just end up spending so much time together, they figure, what the hell. Or one of the two people has a lease that's up, and so the two of them just say, why not. Well that ain't this. Wifey and I came into this never living in the hemisphere, let alone the same city. Shit even when we met we didn't live in the same city. Our entire relationship has been long distance, and when I say long, I mean there's a three hour time difference between us.

She's moving clear across the country to be with me. And to be honest, the only thing that worries me is living up to her expectations. I don't know if she's kept them low, but I know I've set them high. The girl is leaving everything she knows and everyone she's ever known to be with me. Just me. And this crazy ass city. Lord help me.

So who has some advice for the kid? Want to leave it in the comments section please? I have no idea what to expect, but I'm excited and more importantly, I'm as ready for this as a person can possibly be. But a little help from you, the people, would really be appreciated by your boy, Huey P. Langston. In the meantime, I'll let you know how this goes. Let's get excited people.