Even though you attended public school whenever you had a break from The Fresh Prince, do you think you missed out on much by working as a child?
There is a whole boy/girl dynamic in junior high that I missed. I'm just now really getting comfortable with the opposite sex. It took me a little longer, but I did have my first-kiss experience by the lockers.

You know that dude you kissed is somewhere bragging about it to this day.
I almost broke out in hives after that kiss. It made me so nervous. I was like, "I can't go out with you. Work is very stressful, and I just have no room to go out with anybody.”

Little man put it on you like that? How old were you?
I was, like, 13.

What kind of guys are you into now?
I don't really have a physical type. I'm very rich on eyes and intelligence. I don't like to feel like I'm smarter than my man.

Oh, that's fair. You only went to Harvard!
I'm more about the challenge of conversation and less about you licking your lips.

You ever get dudes who were fans of The Fresh Prince tell you they couldn't wait till you turned 18?
That freaks me out. When really old dudes that could be my father are like, "Hey, you grew up, didn't you?” It's like, eeeewww! What, you waited? That is so nasty. How were you thinking like that when I was 11 years old? That's disgusting.

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