After seeing "Flashing Lights" we haven't posted so many "WTF" comments on message boards since 50 Cent got his teeth fixed. What's your interpretation of the video?

The average listener or viewer of music videos, they're just basically listening for the hook. Most people don't listen to music trying to uncover the layers of metaphors or irony an artist like Kanye writes with. So, if you want to be lazy about it, turn on some Soulja Boy and crank dat. It's not for everybody to get it, and I'm not gonna hold a person's hand and teach them how to decode the shit.

Pretty please?
Basically, the video is from her perspective; it's what she wants to do to him. It's obvious if you listen to the lyrics. You figure out that he's cheating; she calls him up, like, "Where are you, Yeezy?" He gets caught out there by the paparazzi, they show up somewhere and she sees that shit. Basically, he gets caught by the flashing lights, understand? It's real simple if you got a brain.

OK, brainiac, how would you end the video if you were behind the lens?
That's real tough. I respect the creative eye of the director, Spike Jonze, and I wouldn't add or take away anything, if it were me. That's the beauty of it. It's great when you don't know, and it's great when you don't explain every little detail and make a person use their mind.

Have it your way. We really just want a reason to watch you power walk in slow motion.
[Laughs] They told me I had to put my back into it when I walked to the car. Spike kept yelling to "walk like a killer." But I didn't know how to walk like one.

You could've fooled us. We haven't seen that much jiggling since Porky's.
For real, the double-sided tape underneath my bra kept acting up. We had to do a couple of takes because of a nipple malfunction. Those things were just jiggling and wiggling, trying to get out that cage. When you're walking like that, they're not gonna stay put. They wanted to be let out so they could roam.

Apparently, you have no problem letting them roam, as evidenced by your site and your breakout performance on The Howard Stern Show.

I approached them and said that I have the best real tits you've ever seen, I want to come on the show and prove it. I knew that's something they couldn't resist. I was looking for a way to promote my Web site,

Even if it meant getting felt up by everybody in the studio and, the highlight, getting your nipple sucked on?
The thing is, I had to endure that, and I couldn't have my normal knee-jerk reaction when ol' dude went for my nipple, which was to smack him. I had to suppress that and let them think they were two steps ahead of me when I was really two steps ahead of them. Each time they said my Web site, that's worth money. I knew no matter how bad they attempted to humiliate me, I was still pimping that show.

Damn, those are some powerful ta-ta's.
My tits will make anybody love a pair of tits. I'm still amazed how perfect they are. It's not about size; it's about the symmetry, the natural cleavage, the fullness, the firmness and the juiciness. They're like pregnant tits that'll just draw you in, in a powerful way. When you have that kind of distraction going on, people start agreeing to things that you say without listening.

Huh? Wasn't paying attention, but I agree with whatever you just said. Your new claim to fame is being the model that sells her used underwear. I know we're in a recession, but damn.
I wish I could take credit for being the originator of that idea, but people have been doing that way before I got in the game. But I think it's a beautiful thing that people are paying that close attention.

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