MTV’s American comedy series, Girl Code, is currently on its fourth season on the Viacom channel. The show, which airs late nights on MTV, features several popular female comedians, VJ’s and entertainers from all over the country, as they share stories of womanhood, relationships, girl fights and more. But with the show driven to the female audience, the MTV male viewers have become addicted to watching the show, thanks to the beautiful ladies that share their personal stories on the show. From Hot 97’s air personality, Nessa to the gorgeous Melanie Iglesias, the show counts with plenty of eye candy for the male viewer to get distracted with.

Along with the the beauty that the cast brings tot he show, their talent and charisma ion the camera is undeniably sexy as well, that’s why today, XXL pays tribute to the coast of ladies on the show by highlighting them in our eye candy of the day.