10. When I Think Of You
Even in the '80's, this outfit alarmed the fashion police. But the bounce in her boobs was plenty stylish.

9. Every Time
It's safe to assume that Janet is naked in the water every time she takes a bath, but it's still new to us, so back off.

8. Pleasure Principle
Vintage Control-era Janet: teased hair, baby cheeks and Guess jeans-stamped bubble. The pleasure was all ours.

7. IF
Hands down the best Chinese-brothel video ever. She really would make us call her name, and ask who it belonged to.

6. That's The Way Love Goes
If you walked into a coffeeshop and saw a chick like that with the yank-me hair leaning against a pole? Take that cappuccino to go!

5. Again
Yeah, that's the dude from CSI. And Janet makes us wanna leave some forensic evidence at the scene.

4. I Get Lonely
You might think she's just dressed like a sexy-ass private yee, but wait for it...wait for it..blaow! The twins come out to play, and they ain't playing fair.

3. All Nite (Don't Stop)
Lots of writhing - plus, 15 years into her career, Janet's onion makes a proud debut. Better late than never, we say.

2. Any Time, Any Place
The green dress. The couch cowgirl pose. The bare back. It's enough to make you forget the bootleg Chip-Fu.

1. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Holy halter top! She changed her whole game with this one. Goodbye, cute Jackson sister; hello someone we wanted do unholy things to.