A Bathing Ape brand master makes colorful kicks and spends major chips.

Face fall's wild winds in Gucci's suede trench.

Nigo, the mastermind behind the cult design sensation A Bathing Ape, shows you the power of the yen in the land of the rising sun.

"The BAPE clothing concept is based on my everyday gear. I did not want to wear the same thing over and over again, so we made our line very limited. Our style has been the same ever since.”

Icy Hot
"Jewelries are very important to me. That SpongeBob [Square Pants] is one of my favorite, I got it from Pharrell as a gift. We know each other through Jacob the Jeweler. Almost all my custom-made jewelry are made by Jacob.”

Sharp Suits
"I don't usually wear suits. I have over 50, but I wear them once a year. They are more like a part of my collection. We did make suits once, about five years ago, but we are not making any at the moment.”