styles-p-photo.jpgIf time were money, Styles P would be in debt. During the course of the previous year, the Y.O. native's sophomore set, Time Is Money, has been pushed back worse than a receding hairline. But don't expect the Ghost to be crying over spilled milk. recently rapped with the D-Block boss as he distinguishes the difference between having enough time, and never enough money. Time Is Money was scheduled to drop in 2005. What was the delay?

Styles P: I wish I could give you that real answer. I swear, I wish I could. I was caught in the matrix, politics, bullshit, and a bunch of, "I don't know” shit.

Hell, neither do we. But you know, it's like your album title says, "Time is money.” In what ways do you try to make money in your spare time?

My job is I'm an MC. I'm not a part time rapper. So at all times I'm thinking of verses, or at least a few words or trying to read something or expand my vocab – so at all times I'm always thinking of something to get ahead.

But for people who never use their heads, what's the easiest way for someone to waste time and money?

Go to jail. Word.

True indeed. Which do you feel your lacking these days, time or money?

Umm, both.

You aren't the only one. You know, they say also say time heals all wounds, do you think you could ever come to common grounds with 50 Cent?

I never had no beef with him in the first place. We was never not on common grounds. That was some industry bullshit. I don't know them.

Well, trust me, he sure knows you. How much money would it take to for you to sign to G-unit or Bad Boy Records?

They aint got that kind of money. Bad Boy, Puff can cut a check if it's reasonable. But aint no way in the world I can sign to G-Unit. Puff gave us our publishing back. I'm feeling Puff. So I would be able to get a lot of money and it would be a wise business move. That's a business venture. G-Unit though? That couldn't happen in a millionaire years.

True, money is the root of all evil. So what do you think is the source of all good?

Spirituality. That's what's going to keep you pure.

Some folks will sell their soul for a dollar. Better yet, what's the best thing you ever bought with one?

My house

When you look at back at some of the times in your career, what comes to mind?

Longevity. When we was riffing and flipping about the shit [on Bad Boy] it wasn't like somebody else was up and flipping. We was up and flipping. The people was with that shit. We said we wasn't with it. So I can't say too much on that [time with Bad Boy], look back, and feel like, [growls].

With your album a year past due, we're pretty sure you felt that way a lot. Better yet, when was like last time you had the urge to stab someone in the ass again?

Yeah, damn near everyday. My fucking album didn't come out these past few years I'm always feelin like stabbing somebody in the ass, shit.


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