Ever since his debut role as a pimp named Money Mike in Friday After Next, comedian Katt Williams has been smacking the competition silly. On September 16, HBO is airing his one-hour stand up special, The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1, along with an upcoming guest appearance on the return of Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam. There's also movie roles (the upcoming Norbit with Eddie Murphy), a hip-hop album on Diplomat Records and his re-occurring role on MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild N' Out. But Katt's most important job is being a father to eight kids, seven of them adopted. Taking a break from his current tour, Katt chats with King-Mag.com while backstage. No one said pimpin' was easy.

KING-MAG.com: So you're on tour right now?

Katt Williams: I'm 106-cities into my tour right now. We just signed a 4.6 million dollar deal with Live Nation to do another hundred [cities].

Damn, that's a lot of cities. Has there ever been a tour stop where your game wasn't tight?

It was Detroit's Fox Theater. We sell out the Fox. It's two shows. I'm not used to doing two shows a night. I'm only used to doing one show. We do the first show and the show is bananas. Back stage after the show, , somebody hands me a blunt, which I never do when I'm working. [Then] it's time to get ready for the second show. I'm too high. I go out there and fuck off my whole set. I'm telling like the second half of jokes. doing the end of the joke first. It's all out of sequence. I'm like 20 minutes in, and I tell the audience, okay, well, I think I've been up here too long. And walk off stage.

Now we heard you come from a family of Black Panthers, is that true?

Yeah, my father was.


Its not really dope.

It seemed to work for ‘Pac, why not you?

It affected [my father's] life. I guess its dope now, to say, yeah your father was a Black Panther. But even that whole bio thing that everybody reads from, I've been really trying to get that nixed cause its got too much of my personal information on it that doesn't matter. Like, I left home as a teenager.

Speaking of fathers, you've got some babies don't you?

Yeah, I've got eight.

What did they do for your birthday? [Ed Note: Katt recently celebrated his birthday on September 2]

They know I like strawberry shortcake. So their whole thing was to make me strawberry shortcake for my birthday. You've got eight kids trying to make the same cake, fortunately it's strawberry shortcake. They didn't really even have to cook. They just cut the cake in half and laid it in. Then you see where they got tired and just start throwing the whole strawberry in with the green part left on it. Somebody had accidentally took a bite out of one and threw it in there.

Tell me about the HBO special The Pimp Chronicles Part 1.

For a comic there's nothing bigger for you, not stand up wise. The one-hour special is [stand-up comedy's] Holy Grail. There have only been 10 black comics in history to have a HBO one hour special, so to be added to that list is amazing.

An accomplishment indeed, but let's talk about your album. I know you and the Game teamed up against the Young Gunz to clap back for a diss track they made about you. Are you going to have any heat on the album like that?

I only have one diss song and it's aimed at comedians. To be honest with you, the Young Gunz thing, it really just hurt my feelings, because I had actually just bought the dudes album. I just went in [the studio] and freestyled it. Then I saw the Game a couple days later and he asked me what I'd done in the studio. I told him. Come to find out his sentiments echoed mine.

Listen to the diss track here

Wild ‘N Out is in its third season. What guest did you have the most fun with?

Charley Murphy was crazy. Like ending all his raps like, "I'll take your leg off and stab you in the chest with it.” Everybody is looking at Charley, because Charley ain't smiling. Wayne Brady was crazy. [Off air] Wayne Brady picked everybody on our team one by one and I promise you he did a minimum of ten minutes on every person.

Let me find out Wayne Brady can go 100 bars. From where did you pick up your game? Anyone put you on

I learned a lot about Hollywood working at the carnival. Shit is not what you think it is. I would watch these 18-wheelers come in with the stuffed animals, and find out they was paying one thousand dollars for a whole 18-wheeler full of stuffed animals. People spent twenty, forty, fifty, dollars to get this one stuffed animal that cost all of twelve cents. As a kid, it really sobered me up to the fact that sometimes things are really a game.