As the hypeman on club bangers like The Crooklyn Clan's "Be Faithful” and Missy Elliott's "Lose Control,” Fatman Scoop made a career out of being a loudmouth. Now, the New York City native is using his booming voice to shout out relationship advice to the TRL crowd as the co-host of the new MTV show, Man and Wife. We talked to the fat man and his real-life wifey, Shanda, to find out what qualifies them to give counsel and why a baby momma isn't always a bad thing.

What sets Man and Wife apart from all the other relationship shows out there?

Fatman: It's the freakiest shit you've ever seen in your life! Tell 'em baby.

Shanda: We do sexual relationship advice from our bed. And we talk about anything you want to talk about it. We do it in a way that's funny, but you also walk away learning something.

No offense, but I don't see Dr. in front of either of your names. What qualifies you to give relationship advice?

Shanda: All our advice is based on life experience and I think that's why the show works. It's not coming from a clinical sense, it's coming from life experience. We give the best advice that we know. Of course, we're not professionals

Fatman: I'm a professional! I know what the hell I'm talking about!

What kind of advice are MTV viewers looking for? How to pull a Jonas brother?

Fatman: Look, man, a lot of these people out here are freaky people and they got some shit with them. People will call and say, "Hey, man, does a finger in the ass mean I'm gay?”

Shanda: Or we get questions like wanting to know if it's going to hurt the first time if you're a virgin.

Fatman: Of course it's going to hurt. Take a Tylenol and hope for the best!

It seems like so much time is dedicated to relationship advice. Why won't men and women ever understand each other?

Fatman: Because, bro, women are high. They don't think like us. They're never going to understand us and we're never going to understand them. There's things Shanda does six years into this relationship and I'm like what the hell is that?