On Being The First And Only Black Quarterback To Win a Super Bowl: When you look at what a lot of athletes in life have done, there are certain things you can't duplicate. We cannot duplicate the first African-American to play in and win a Super Bowl, plus get the MVP. That in itself is a special accomplishment. Do other people see it this way? Probably not, but when I go to bed at night I feel good about being the one. You love to see Steve [McNair] win, you love to see Donovan [McNabb], but it hasn't happened yet, so I still have the distinct honor of being the only one.

On The Opportunity To Coach At His Alma Mater After Playing In The NFL: I was fortunate enough to not only end up at Grambling coaching but I also coach at my old high school. It touches your heart to be on the sideline of the field named in your honor. And then to do good things and eventually end up at Grambling where it all started, and to be able to walk the same sidelines that Eddie Robinson walked, you realize that the shoes didn't fit because they were too big.

On Making Tough Career Moves: To have played at my high school then coached there, played at Grambling then coached there, played for Tampa and now work here, that's a pretty good circle. When I left Grambling, I think it was more emotional. I almost had to take emotions out of it, and it became a decision of what was best for my family and me in the future.

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