On Working As An NBA Commentator: I love it. It's a way for you to be opinionated and not get fined. When you play the game and say something bad about the referees or the NBA, David Stern and Stu Jackson have the right to fine you. But when you're in front of the mic and you're suited up, that's what they're paying you for.

On The New Dress Code And The College Rule: Having to go to college at least one year before being drafted out of high school is good because I really feel like our game has been watered down. Then, they are paying you a lot of money, so to ask the players to dress presentably in public, I have no problem with. I'm from the old school; this is our job, and you are projecting our image.

On The Indiana Pacers/New York Knicks Rvalry Being Squashed: It was over when those idiots traded Patrick Ewing. Ewing played with his heart, he played hurt, he played injured and was the heart and soul of that franchise. How ccan you trade him to Seattle? I don't care if he was on his way down, he should have retired a Knick. In my eyes, that's when that rivalry was over.

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