If you're any kind of an NBA fan, you should be reading Gilbert Arenas's NBA.com blog already. Paul Shirley is a terrific storyteller and all, but last I checked he didn't average 28.4 points per game in the NBA last year. Or, in fact, ever. Gilbert is the first NBA All-Star than I'm aware of to be this open about, well, everything.

Today he posted a bunch of stuff about his next adidas signature shoe, the Gil 20, the successor to last year's Gil Zeros. I'm gonna excerpt the entire section about those but HIGHLY recommend you read the entire entry. Heck, the entire blog, for that matter.

Anyway, here's Gilbert (bold is mine):

I need to tell you guys more about my new shoe. I mentioned it before, but now that the details are being worked out, I'm even more excited about it. They're called the Gil 20's. That means that there are 20 different versions coming out in 20 cities. That means what whatever version you buy in D.C., you can't buy in L.A. Or whatever comes out in L.A., you can't get in Miami.

So this is for all the shoeheads, I'm trying out a new something new. It's never been done before. Every shoe is totally different. I'm hoping David Stern lets me wear all the different versions without giving me a fine. We'll see. So there will be 20 different shoes in 20 different cities with 20 different release dates and I should have the schedule for you guys the next time I blog so you'll know what color comes out in what city. I can give you a couple ideas of what the shoes are called though:

Black President
Agent Zero
Hibachi (That Benihana's collabbed with me.)
Coke Zero (That you can only get through Coke Rewards.)
Don't Watch Me, Watch TV
NBA LIVE '08 (The only way you can win this is from 2,000 golden tickets inserted into copies of the game. They're doing the whole Willy Wonka thing.)
Halo 3 (That Microsoft worked on.)

You'll only be able to buy them in certain stores. Your big sporting good stores are going to sell them, but most of them will go to the specialty shoe stores and the underground sneaker shops. It should cause a lot of hype because they are some good looking shoes.

Sounds completely insane and complicated. In other words, the perfect shoe for Gilbert.