threesixmafia_feature.jpgOscar Award winners Three-6-Mafia are abandoning the Hollywood high life and going back to their roots. Beginning next week, Juicy J and DJ Paul are hitting major markets throughout the South and Midwest to promote their new single, "I'd Rather" from their upcoming album Last 2 Walk. What makes this tour so unique? Every performance will be going down at a strip club.

We're in New York City, so the editors at KING will probably miss one of these shows, but we'd love to hear about them in the comments. Check out the tour dates and locations below, and if the tour is coming to a city near you, come back here and tell us how it was. Oh, and feel free to mention what you thought of the music too.

Tennessee (Various cities to be announced)
March 17-19
Jackson, MS
March 20
Birmingham, AL
March 21
Atlanta, GA
March 22-24
Tucson, AZ
March 29
San Antonio, TX
March 30
Texas (Various cities to be announced)
March 31 - April 4
Chicago, IL
April 10 - April 11
Lake Forest, IL
April 12
Detroit, MI
April 13
St. Louis, MO
April 14


"I'd Rather" - Three 6 Mafia feat. DJ Unk and fomer New York Governor Eliot Spitzer