by Russ Bengtson

What do Memphis, Kansas and UCLA have in common? They're all top seeds in the 2008 NCAA tournament, and they all wear adidas. (The other top seed, UNC, did wear adidas once, but that was a long time ago.) Along with Indiana, Louisville, Pitt and Tennessee, they'll all be wearing the adidas Team Signature Pro Model for as long as they last in the cauldron of March Madness.

It's probably too late for you to join one of the aforementioned teams, but as long as you can get to a computer, you can at least wear the shoes. They retail for $100, and are available at FinishLine, Eastbay and

The shoe itself is the same model that the NBA Brotherhood has been wearing, only in school colors with an off-white back panel emblazoned with the team logo. Patent side panels, quilted ankle cuff. Simple yet distinctive.

The NCAA programs have their own adidas slogan, of course: BELIEVE IN "WE". Not a bad idea for any school, no matter what brand of shoes they happen to be wearing.