Rapper 50 Cent and model Liris Crosse lick more than shots in a battle of the sexes.

What's the difference between courting and macking?
LIRIS: That's such a cute word—"courting”—I love that word. That's what a lot of guys don't do much anymore. It's when you actually date a girl and get to know who she is as a person. Macking is just doing the damn thing. A female can mack. Women are the new bachelors to a certain degree.

50 CENT: Oh, absolutely. You know what I've been finding more often with females is that their bond is sexual and with niggas it is mental. When [the guy] decides you their girl in their heads, you their girl. But when she gives you some pussy, she feels like you her boyfriend. She wouldn't have given it to you if she didn't like you like that.

LIRIS: So, have you ever been whipped?
50 CENT: I don't think I ever been whipped before.

But the funny thing is dudes that are whipped don't even know they're whipped.

50 CENT: Well, I wasn't one of those dudes. Trust, I'd know if I was whipped. I had some real [ill na na] before.