Did y'all check that new Fox Network show called "The Moment of Truth" last night? Shit is ill. It's basically a game show based on the fact of your honest response to some hard ass questions. Questions like, "Has your reluctance to have kids with your partner been based on your thought of he/she not being your lifelong partner?" Or "Have you ever done something that would have your partner question his/her trust in you?" All while your wife/girl and family/friends wait for a voice to determine if you answered the question truthfully. If you do answer truthfully you move on to another much harder to answer question for more money. But how much money is worth the hurt of those close to you?

Let's put it in real life terms. No money at stake. How truthful are you to people on the regular? Be it little white lies or huge ass black ones (why the big ones gotta be black? Racial!). I'm going to be honest right now for no paper. I lie. Not everyday, not all the time but I've lied to get my way. Cheated to win a game. Fuck it, the win was a win. But it doesn't feel better than an honest hard fought clear as day win. So I basically lied to myself when I cheated or lied. And people can only lie to themselves for so long before it becomes unbearable. Those unbearable times are more intense for me as I've become less tolerable of other people's bullshit, which makes me evaluate my own shit shoveling. When you get tired of your own ca-ca, there in lies (no pun intended) the problem. So I've decided to fix it.

I find some people amazing. Like my cousin. I believe him to be the most truthful person I know. He says shit to people regardless of their status I could never utter about them behind their back. He doesn't mask it in a joke like punk ass Big Ced (one of my favorite people by the way, don't get it twisted), but straight no chaser. I love that about him. Yet he's not truthful with himself about his own life and where he can be if he took some humbling first steps.

Truth is a motherfucker. I had to take some truth serum recently and didn't like what I tasted. When you evaluate yourself you can usually take out the rough patches and make excuses for some missteps. But when someone else pulls your card, you have a bunch of "Oh shit!" moments when things get way too real. Ever get into an argument with your significant other? All types of truths come out, some more hurtful than others. That's why an outside source should always make you realize your level of truthfulness to yourself. If they say some shit that you haven't noticed but is glaringly obvious, then you haven't been real with yourself. If they say some thing you know already but haven't dealt with yet then you still haven't been honest enough to act on correcting it. What if you are cool with your glitch in the matrix though? Like, your dishonesty is part of your makeup. It only hurts you and no one else? Don't believe that, it tends to always hurt someone else...regardless.

Is truth overrated though? Do you really want to know the ills of the world as well as your ugliest thoughts manifested? Some real shit, cause if you are going to be truthful about things all the time, they might not be the best things to share or have shared with others. So, is being honest a virtue or a virus that should contained? Depends on how much money is on the table if you ask the Fox Network.

Let the lies begin.