Redman and N.O.R.E. let their fists do the talkin' in Def Jam Vendetta.

It's no secret that Def Jam Records' New York City headquarters has seen its share of office violence through the years—but nothing tops what happened there one brutally cold evening in early December. The workday had ended, and various people—including Def Jam staffers, hip-hop superstars Redman and others—had congregated in the posh 28th-floor corner office of Def Jam president Kevin Liles. The air was thick with smoke; paper cups of wine were being passed around. All was chill until Redman's label mate, N.O.R.E. came thundering into the room decked out in a flaming red sweat suit, eyes filled with rage. Next thing you know, the two rappers have come to blows, engaging in the kind of knock-down, drag-out battle not seen since King Kong versus Godzilla.

Luckily for all involved, it was just a video game—EA Sports Big's upcoming Def Jam Vendetta, to be exact—being played on a big-screen TV by the two famed rappers.