June 2006 coverFeatures

Coming Kings 5

"Class Act”
KING issued an all-white dress code and invited some supreme clientele to toast their game-changing potential. These partygoers definitely got next.

Lauren London

"Touchy Subject”
Lauren London has a thing for royalty. Having already played queen to Southern sovereign T.I., she ends her celluloid virginity, KING-style. All hail.

Rochelle Aytes

"Bare Back”
As if making Madea's Family Reunion watchable wasn't admirable enough, stunning starlet Rochelle Aytes has a soft spot for strippers. Oh, did we mention assless chaps, too?


"Heard 'Em Say”
Returning for round two, Flavor Flav's boo, Nikki "Hoopz” Alexander, drops dime on the real flavor of love. Hint: It's more sour than sweet.

Damon Dash

"When the Smoke Clears"
In this closet-cleaning interview, hip-hop's ultimate hustler Dame Dash sets the record straight on Jay, Cam and "Jay vs. Cam.” Get ready to be rocked, fella.


Oscar's favorite hellraisers, Three 6 Mafia, are game for a fashion makeover; Versace breaks banks with their high-end button-down.

King Me:

Don King
Boxing's infamous promoter is as regal as his name suggests. Defining success and sharing his political views, Mr. King justifies his business thug.


Hail Mail

Readers cut up on Kelis' short crop, while our "Sports Revolutionaries” rundown was a slam-dunk. Overall, though, Hoopz was your MVP.


KING puts your beach-bunny pick-up lines to the test; Myspace abusers are given yet another excuse to remain indoors; KING makes six-pack abs look easy; and Katt Williams' babysitter credentials leave mommy breathless.

Candid Camera

Weezy and Busta's dancer-of-choice Megan Wollover makes reading fun-damental.


Open more than ladies' nostrils with the freshest men's fragrances; Christina Milian brings the pain to a certain renaissance man; and America's pastime gets digitally enhanced.


Funk Flex's top model Candice Johnson takes KING appreciation to new levels—she's partial to tongue baths from one of our past lovelies.


KING ranks the five hottest drop-tops of the season and issues a convertible history lesson. 166 Rims: Show off your creative side by custom designing your own rim.

Real Life

Busta Rhymes recharges his career with diesel power; Chuck D fights for his culture while turning off the TV; and Gordon Parks is remembered.


Guaranteed to make you wet your pants!