"Put the red Enzo in the center and place the other cars around it,” orders the clothing magnate, whose fleet also features a Porsche 911 Carrerra 4S, Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari Spider and Mercedes-Benz S500 Limo at his Greenwich, Connecticut, home. Like tailored slacks that fall slightly below the opening of midnight-black leather hardbottoms, the set up is stunning. Be it his signature navy-blue and camel interiors or his Benz uber-limo, Tommy has redesigned it. None of his 20-car fleet is stock. The first thing that gets tailored is the sounds (Tommy admits he needs a boomin' system). Then it's on to retrimming the interior, but you won't catch any TH logo print in his rides: He likes his transports to have a gentleman quality. He doesn't even sport rims, explaining, "I think flashy rides pull too much attention to the car. I mean, my cars are unique. They get attention annoying.”

On the perks of being heavy-footed TH behind the wheel:

"I would say, almost every time I drive the Enzo, I get pulled over. The cop's reaction is always, "Oh man, I'm into your car!” [laughs] Then, I give them my license, and they say, "Hey Tommy! Slow down a little bit. Okay man?” I'm lucky”