bentley gtcBentley GTC

As temperatures rise and ladies' garments fall, nothing seals dates like the right ride. Meeting such standards, Bentley introduces the Continental GT Convertible. Any Continental coupe owner—who, by now, is any celebrity with MTV Cribs aspirations—will, by default, soon own the GT convertible. Big spenders can't resist the urge. "It will again open up the Bentley brand to more customers who only buy convertibles,” says Bentley chairman Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, "as well as being a logical next car for our existing owners.”

Motorists who front like their ragtop is the only car fit for sunburns have to respect Bentley's approach. "With the Continental GTC, we set out to achieve a style that is both contemporary and elegant, but with the sporting stance of a true performance car,” says design director Dirk van Braeckel. Bentley kept it classic, looks-wise, but maintained the 552hp engine when drawing up the GTC. Even with the top down, Bentley claims this drop will hit a fro-fluffing 190mph. "We also wanted to ensure that the Continental GTC looks just as beautiful with the roof up as it does when it's down,” adds Dirk van Braeckel, referring to the soft fabric and leather top-shell.

lamborghini Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Ah yes, the stripper-like whip. The more you throw at the $175-grand drop the more she gives back (easing up on the go-fast pedal isn't easy in the Gallardo Spyder). Basically, this is nymphomania on wheels. So, if your lame spit-game results in backseat vacancy, simply redline every gear all night. You'll burn major rubber, one way or another.