The attorney for the family of one of the Astroworld Festival victims is bothered by the recent interview Travis Scott did with Charlamagne Tha God.

According to a report from TMZ on Thursday (Dec. 9), Tony Buzbee, who is representing the family of 21-year-old Astroworld victim Axel Acosta, is offended by Travis Scott's 50-minute interview with the radio and TV personality, which went live on YouTube this morning.

Buzbee has accused Travis Scott of attempting to paint himself as the victim.

In a statement obtained by the gossip outlet, Buzbee said, "Axel Acosta and the many others killed or injured are the victims. Travis Scott, his entourage, handlers, promoters, managers, hangers on and everyone else who enable him are the problem. Everything that Travis Scott has done or said since ten people died and hundreds of others were injured at his concert has been lawyer driven and calculated to shift blame from him to someone else."

Tony Buzbee filed a $750 million lawsuit last month against Travis Scott, Drake—who performed at Astroworld Festival—and Live Nation on behalf of 125 concertgoers, including Acosta.

Additionally, Buzbee doubts Travis' claims that he wasn't aware of the chaos that was going on while he was on stage performing.

"He now says he had an earpiece in, and was not told what was going on in the crowd," the lawyer expressed. "That raises the question: Did he have an earpiece in his eye? Why did he purposely ignore the death and mayhem occurring literally feet from him?"

On another note, one of Travis Scott's attorneys, Ed McPherson, says that his client insisted on sitting down with Charlamagne Tha God, despite the legal ramifications the chat could stir up.

McPherson told TMZ earlier today that La Flame was firm in wanting to let his fans, their family members and attendees of the event know that he is there for them and supports them in their healing process following the mass casualty event.

Travis, who didn't assume responsibility during the conversation, said during the interview that his task is to get to the root of what happened to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future—a sentiment his attorney agreed with.

XXL has reached out to Tony Buzbee and a rep for Travis Scott for a comment.

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