In this classic KING video, we're treated to an intimate look at rapper and model Trina as she's filmed by the crew going through her day.

The video follows the talented "Diamond Princess" as she shows us how she goes through the motions. Such an up-close, personal look at Trina is a privilege that's not afforded to just anyone, so consider yourself lucky that you're able to view this great video.

Trina said, "The scene was basically like, sexy lingerie, just loose shorts, nice tops. Just stuff kickin' around the house. I was actually mentally preparing myself to get to this part."

The shoot involves Trina in a variety of sensual, yet still very tasteful outfits as she gets out of bed, sitting in a windowsill and gazing out, wondering what she'll wear later in the night. To be honest, her "get ready to go out" look is a sight that leaves us wanting more.

Trina got her start in the late '90s/early Aughts, debuting with her album Da Baddest Bitch in 2000 and then following it up with Diamond Princess in 2002. Throughout the Aughts, Trina released a total of five albums, which include Glamorest Life, Still Da Baddest and then Amazin, which is her most recent album and debuted after this intimate video was shot.

These days, Trina is getting set to release her sixth studio album, which is currently untitled, and has released the first single, called "F*ck Love". This single made it to #1 on "Billboard's Trending 140," getting us excited for the release of the album proper, which is set to drop in Q1 2015.

You can keep up with the lovely Trina on Instagram, Twitter and her official website.