Ja Rule With A Gun

As I'm sure all of you have heard by now, last week both Lil Wayne and Ja Rule got arrested on gun-possession charges. Based on this update, it appears the infamous "Hip-Hop Police” might've been emcee huntin,' because the details are kinda sketch. Both dudes got nabbed over somethin' Tom Petty, which in both of these separate incidents, led to the finding of weapons.

Despite the Po's trying up their quota though, there's an underlying tone to this story, and a rather distressing one at that. However, it has nothing to do with foul play on the cops' behalf.

What it does have to do with is these rappers' ignorance.

In a time when David Banner will name his album's first single "9MM,” it should come as no surprise that cops are trying to nab these rap stars for weapons charges. It's not like they're trying to keep it a secret. They blatantly boast about packing heat in their songs, flash pieces in their music videos, and overall make it pretty damn obvious to everyone that they're holdin' in most situations.

Wayne even opens his verse on "9MM” by spitting, "Tool on deck, why would I lie?”

I don't know Weezy, maybe so you don't get fucking arrested!

It's like these rappers forgot that the cops have a job to do. With their gun-toting ways exposed through the spotlight and radio airwaves every five minutes, along with their whereabouts on huge marquees in each of the cities in which they appear, rappers should realize that they're straight up incriminating themselves with their words.

However, despite the obvious evidence in their lyrics and overall portrayal, they act as if their celebrity will get them out of any jam that presents itself. Thus, they continue with their open obliviousness. Really, all they're basically doing is just rubbing their stardom in the cops' faces, while saying, "Hey, I'm conducting illegal activities wherever I go, come arrest me. I'm the one with all the chains.”

The cops do just that, and then come the excuses.

The rappers and their attorneys get all upset about the cops' constant trailing of their clients, unnecessary and excessive conduct, or the old fallback justification of "smelling the odor of marijuana coming from outside the tour-bus.” When, in all actuality, they've got much more in terms of evidence. These rappers have albums worth of material where they point blank say they carry firearms, slang yay and weed (with their prices right there, too), and in some cases even commit murder.

And then they wonder why they get arrested.

I understand that with fame and fortune comes greed and envy, putting these rappers in a constant line of fire. But if they're so concerned about their safety, why don't their bodyguards simply get firearms permits? It's only some paperwork and a test. Within the past year, such high-profile rappers as The Game, Jadakiss, Snoop, and now Weezy and The Rule, have all been slapped with gun charges. As a result, all men could potentially see years of career-delaying jail time (Whether or not any of them will actually serve is another story altogether).

Their careers and my personal opinions aside though, like Mike Vick and Lindsay Snowhan, it's almost as if they could use the time to slap some sense into them. Despite what they may think, they're not untouchable simply because of their fame. They're apparently blinded because of it.

When you're ‘Kiss, why are you blowing that good when you know there's an illegal weapon in the ride? When you're The Game, and you're 6'4" and have an entourage of twenty Bloods at all times, why do you need to threaten anyone with a gun? When you're Big Snoop Dogg himself, and you've been arrested a good ten times in the past year, why is there a need to add fuel to the fire by continually keeping ‘dro on your personal at all times?

As it stands, we live in a world where you're guilty until proven innocent. With that said, these rappers need to realize that their words speak way louder than their actions, and their innocence was lost before they ever even committed a crime. It's not that they're being treated unjustly, because they're in the spotlight more so than us common folk.

It's just that they're down right asking for it.