You were in UGK's "International Player Anthem" video. What makes you an international player?
I wouldn't consider myself one because I'm a one-person type girl, and I don't cheat.

Boring. Let's imagine you were up for a global freakfest, where in the world would you most want to get wild?
Definitely going to a foreign land like Africa. We'll see things we'd never seen before and have wild animalistic sex [laughs].

What animal will you play?
A feline because I understand and relate to them. Dogs are eager to please, but felines are independent and if they like you, they'll fuck with you. If they don't, they go about their own business.

Uh, how does that relate to sex?
Is this where I insert something quick and witty about making me purr? I'm good at deflecting your sex questions, huh?

Answer this: what happened before you walked out of the Game's trailer in his "Wouldn't Get Far” video?
[Laughs] Fuck you.

Not my job, sweetie.
You wish it were.

For a behind-the-scenes video of this photo shoot, click here.