Veronica Portillo could care less that unemployment rates are at an all-time high. She's hustlin' entertainment conglomerate Viacom. With a penchant for curse-outs and strategically sound alliances, the 27-year-old Cuban-American is getting paid while sippin' lemonade in between rounds of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Inferno 2. Bringing heat since her first appearance on Road Rules: Semester at Sea in 1999, Veronica the villain has burned many a bridge during her competitions. Sucks for them. But with a body packed with boom-pow like some Grucci Family fireworks, she'll never have to beg for our forgiveness.

Shedding light on the carefree sexual nature of her Real World:

"Honestly, the show is like summer camp. You just don't give a fuck after a while. Yes, you're aware of the cameras, but there comes a time when it's like, "If this feels right right now, then I'm gonna go along with it.”

Calling out perverted MTV execs:

"I'll be the one girl introduced to the audience in a bikini. They're filming people all the time, and there's no privacy, so they'll catch me naked on film. And for some reason every teaser for the show, or the funny recap, there's either my ass or tits in it.”