Phone sex is as played out as Flavor of Love spin-offs. But that didn't deter Victoria "Vickie 6" Taylor from mining Spike Lee's catalog for her stage name. "When Girl 6 came out, they played up the fantasy theme over the phone," says the Vegas-born beauty. "But now, in the Internet age, your fantasy can be fulfilled in real time."

Granted, you won't be one call away from hearing her seductive voice, but at you'll be able to interact with the 24-year-old through Webcams and behind-the-scenes videos of her naked shoots. Plus, there are several galleries that feature Vickie's 32C-24-38, caramel-coated body and her habitual piercings. "I like to match my nipple rings to my jewelry sometimes," says Vickie, who has 10 piercings. "They're fun to play with, shake and wiggle. And I've always thought it would be pleasurable to get my hood done. We'll see...maybe."

Maybe the subject needs to be switched, so it's back to phone sex: Does she practice what she preaches? "No, phone sex makes me too anxious," Vickie admits. "It's good foreplay, but you have to at least be close enough where we can do something after. If not, I'll explode."