So, we'll admit a woman named Victoria boasting the tag V-Secrets isn't all that original—it's downright played out. But, one look at the petite cutie with one of hell of a body for her size, and you could care less if she nicknamed herself Fart-knocker. "I haven't found myself to be average besides my squeezable outside features,” the Las Vegas native says. "I have qualities from daring to sexy, from sweet to mysterious. It's fun breaking out those hidden curves—it brings me to life. Oh, and yes I do work out; belly dancing, running and anything that will make me feel better dripping wet in a thong.” Thanks for the visual, V, but how about unlocking some of your secrets to us? "I really doubt that this is a confessional.” Ouch. —Sean A. Malcolm

Age: 23

Industry Age (you know you have one): 22 has a nice ring to it for now but I don't care much


Weight: 112

Profession: Online Sales Coordinator

Relationship status: Almost always single…Usually dating…


Astrological sign: Gemini

Favorite Sport: Basketball and flag football…in high school.

Favorite Movie: The Wizard Of Oz, Lord of the Rings, and 40-year-old Virgin...Sorry naming just one wouldn't be fair.

Favorite Artist: James Brown, Three-6-Mafia, Ice Cube, Cash Money…

Favorite Food: Mediterranean and Buffalo Wild Wings

If you had to choose a favorite food to be naughty with, it would be? Melted chocolate sounds real nice…

What's your favorite body part, on yourself and why? Depends on my mood, but always my lips because I love to kiss.

With that in mind, what's your moneymaker when taking pics? My moneymaker is my thick little booty

Better First Date: Red Lobster or The Cheesecake Factory? Cheesecake Factory is good.

Better Second Date: TGI Friday's or Applebee's? TGI Fridays is more fun! They serve margaritas!

Sex…underrated or can't get enough and why? Overrated. It's only really special and good if it's with someone special. Thinking about it is always nice, though.

Tell us a funny, but dirty joke? Never been into telling jokes…

The person I would most like to meet is…My future husband, if I have one.

Can you cook? If you can what's your specialty? If not, why? I don't cook anything really special worth mentioning. I'm okay, but I want to learn more since I love food.

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? Sitting right here in this same spot. It's my kick-it-in-the-house night.

If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be?
I have no idea, maybe Rose McGowan

What is the most important issue in the world today and why?
There's a lot, but this war is the stupidest. They care more about Iraq than Americans who need help.

Do you own any adult videos?
Yeah I own one.

If so, what's your favorite title? I am so not saying it but its pretty kinky [laughs].

If you don't have a favorite title, what's your favorite type of scene to watch? Wow that's intimate...

How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was six, playing house.

When did you know you could be a model? I was pretty young. Posing for cameras and taking pictures run in my dad's side of the family. But started taking pics around 17.

Can we buy you a drink and if so, what kind?
Sure I'd love some passion fruit Sangria or a shot of Patron.

Ever had a one-night stand? Yeah, I have before.

Have you ever told a lie, and was the last question one of them?
Very rarely, and no.

What's the most creative lie you told to get yourself out of trouble? Can't remember any big lies—I think they're unnecessary

Doing this will get you cut… Ignoring me or stalking my phone…

What's your preference: Morning Love, a Nooner or a Late Night Get Right? Late Night Get Right.

On top or on bottom? Depends on the mood but gotta work your way to the top [laughs]

Tell us something your parents don't know about you… I'm very open with my mom.

Underwear or Commando? Boy shorts

What is the most creative thing you've done to get a guy's attention? I think dancing in a flirting way was the most creative…

If you don't have a lot of money, you better have… A really loveable personality

What's your fetish? Oh, see I know what those really are so I'm not saying nothing!

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