K.D. Aubert isn't timid about going down south. "Usher and I were kissing and throwing ourselves against his door while he was trying to find his keys,” says the 26-year-old California native of her onscreen romp with Atlanta's Fred Astaire in the upcoming Dying for Dolly. "I found his keys—but my hand stumbled across a certain body part.” With a sip of tea and a loud laugh, she adds, "I mean, come on. It was Usher. I had to.”

A regular at Inglewood's batting cages, it's safe to say that Aubert—who has modeled for Noxzema and Frederick's of Hollywood—knows how to, uh, handle all kinds of bats.

"I played softball most of my life,” she informs. "I do still play, every now and then, in a celebrity league, but I don't want to get hurt.”

"When I got into this business, I wanted ‘K.D.' to have a mystique,” she says, declining to reveal her full government. "But K.D. can stand for whatever you want it to; I've been called Kinda Dangerous and Kinda Delicious.”

For a woman who cops a feel without hesitation, we prefer Kinda Dope. Word to Evil Knievel.

Because you're not in touch with your feminine side?
It's really strange, because I have to force myself to get manicures and pedicures. Bikini waxes kind of scare me. I would much rather not wear makeup, but I have a picking problem any time I get a bump on my face. I get facials, and I've started to learn more about spa treatments. But I love getting made up and wearing sexy swimsuits.

You've said that you're open to dating anyone, even short guys. Can Beetlejuice knock it down?
I can find beauty in anyone, unless they have a third eye or something. I just really love the male species—white, black, purple, I don't care. I live for adventure. You want someone who goes hiking, who supports what you do, who will take you skydiving.

You're a self-declared control freak. Have any guys ever controlled you?
For someone to come along and be like, "No, you can't be in control,” I find that intriguing, that means he has a lot of strength. To tame K.D. is like taming a field of light.