If you've already seen some of the videos selected, we really don't care. Watch them again.

Peanut Butter Jelly time! (Selected by Datwon, Editorial Director)

Styling on you. (Selected by Jermaine, Editor-in-Chief)

Tyra Bank's panty party. (Selected by Siobhan, Deputy Editor)

Never scare a black man. (Selected by Kali, Photography Director)

Trailer for Grindhouse. (Selected by Matt, Music Editor)

The evolution of dance. (Selected by Paige, Copy Chief)

The prank (Selected by Meaghan, Assistant Managing Editor)

The douchebag plague. (Selected by Ursula, Associate Photo Editor)

"Ms. Pacman" by The Go! Team (Selected by Chandra, Assistant Art Director)

Mike Tyson's Super Punchouts (Selected by Jozen, Online Editor)