Name: Vanessa Phan

Age: 24

Nationality: Vietnamese

Where do you rep? Duval!!!!!!! Uh…Jacksonville, Florida.

Height: 5'2”

Weight: 125 lbs


Relationship Status:


What do you look for in a man…or woman?
I look for personality, intelligence, height, perfect teeth, financial stability, and a big BIG package!

Favorite Sport: Track, ice skating, and gymnastics

Favorite Movie: Underworld, Wanted, Bad Boys, Shaun of The Dead and I Am Sam

Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, and Fergie

Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Cicillian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai

If you had to pick a body part on your body, what's your favorite and why? I would say my lips. I have my ways of defining my lips, using them to seduce men into wanting to taste me!

McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King. Everyone needs a KING in their life [wink]!

Sleep or sex? Sex and sleep! Have sex all day then sleep after!


Tell us a funny, but dirty joke? My jokes aren't that funny so I'll tell a funny story. I used to date this one dude out of town. He was a super freak. He constantly kept asking me to give him phone sex! One day I was working out and I was huffing and puffing because I had just got done running. I came into my house and started to do some wind-down sit-ups, he called, and asked for more phone sex! This time I told him I agreed to it, so while he was doing all of the dirty talking, I was huffing and puffing with my "ohhh's” and "ummm's”. But really I was huffing and puffing doing sit-ups! He got a nut off my sit-ups! He never knew the truth either! LOL…

The person I would most like to meet is…God. He is a person, a spirit, my Lord, my savior, and so much more. Until I meet Him, I'll settle for Kanye West.

Can you cook? If you can what's your specialty? If not, why? Absolutely! I love to make Asian entrees. Pho would be my all time favorite! It takes a whole day to make, but the taste is definitely worth it!

If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? Hmmmm....Good question. If I could sleep with another me, I would. I tend to turn myself on alot *:)

How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was 15 and I waited until I found the perfect mouth. I was always particular to what tastes I wanted in my mouth so if dude had bad breath or teeth…ew! No play!

When did you know you could be a model? I started sending out photos, and making phone calls daily. When I saw my photos featured on websites, I felt so intrigued! I kept thinking to myself, "Damn, that girl in the picture is so pretty". Still to this moment, I have that same feeling and, I can't believe it's really me.


Can we buy you a drink and if so, what kind?
I would like a shot of Seagram V.R. If anyone can make that possible, I think I would be one happy bitch *:)

Ever had a one-night stand? Not really. I have to try everything twice, to make sure I made the right decision. Two-night stands? LOL yes.

Have you ever told a lie? Absolutely! Certain situations need to be handled in certain matters. Sometimes, lying might be the best possible choice at that time.
Did you just lie about having or not having a one-night stand? Lie?! Who me?! Never! *:)

If I ruled the world, I would… "I'd free all my sons…"

Doing this will get you cut… Messing with anyone in my circle.

Lights on or lights off? I love it when the lights are on. I like to see everything that's happening! It's more fun!

The biggest misconception about me is [please don't say that you're stuck up or a bitch]… People tend to think I am a porn star or stripper. Just because I am Vietnamese, curvy, and have a fat ass, it doesn't mean that's my forte.

Tell us something your parents don't know about you…
I am soooooooooo not a virgin. LOL "SIN LOI MA Y BA" (sorry mom and dad) *:)


Preferred type of underwear?
I love G-STRINGS!!! They're super sexy and cute to wear.

What is the most creative thing a guy has said or done to approach you?
The most creative thing a guy has ever done? I was in ATL working on some gigs. I didn't get back to the hotel until close to midnight, hungry as hell. Not really knowing the ways around Atlanta, I just went back to the hotel on an empty stomach (because I couldn't eat on a day of a shoot). On the phone with a friend from Canada, he wanted to make sure I ate before I went to bed. He ordered pizza, wings, and the whole 9 yards and delivered it to my room without telling me!! Ordering food from Canada and getting it delivered to my hotel room in ATL?! I will never forget that.

If you don't have a lot of money, you better have… A damn good reason why not!

What's your fetish?
To be nibbled on..use your imagination :)


If you met yourself, what would you think about yourself?
I would think, "damn girl you thick for an Asian chick! But can you do my nails?” LOL!

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