Name: Bianca Holland

Age: 25

Measurements: 34D-24-34



Heritage: Puerto Rican

Where have we seen you before? The new Lloyd and Lil' Wayne video "Girls Around the World,” Spike TV's Reality Racing, Home Shopping Network. I just filmed my first movie that is due out at the end of the year. I have an upcoming feature in MMA Sports Magazine, several local Florida commercials, 2008 Vodka Herb Calendar, 2008 Got Rack Calendar, 2008 Got Dam Calendar, Several Promotions, Official Model for LOOK Swimwear.

Why should readers check out your site? You can read about me, buy posters, see photo sets of your favorite pics too!

When did you first realize you had what it takes to be a web girl? Ummm, the day they picked me. LOL! No, just kidding. I'm always confident, and as long as I have that and it shows in my photos, most people can't say no. Plus, the girls on there are HOT and so am I. =)


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Craziest photo shoot you've ever done? Probably the peppermint shoot. I was covered from head to toe in peppermints. It was extremely cold and sticky. Plus, I could barely move in fear that my "goodies" would show through the peppermints.

What are your goals in the business? To become a personality, someone that people can't stop talking about because I have so much positive things going my way. I want to have success in acting. I want to be the next sex symbol, have products such as a clothing line, and be worth a lot of money! Not too much to ask for, huh?

What do you have coming up next? Well, I'm putting together a 2009 calendar to showcase me, filming 2 new movies coming in 2009, appearing in more national magazines, and anything else that I can fit on my plate.


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