LaDanian Tomlinson? 1.9 yards per carry? Wait, the LaDanian Tomlinson?! Damn, maybe I was the only one who saw that erroneous graphic flash across the screen during NBC's Sunday Night Football game. 1.9? L.T.? That can't be right. So, needless to say, I had to grab the calc… Let's see here. 35 carries. 68 yards. I'll be damned if the '06 MVP isn't rushing for under two yards a carry this young season. But here's the thing though. Tomlinson isn't the only one having a hard time hitting the holes right now. New Orleans' Reggie Bush and Kansas City's Larry Johnson are also having less than stellar starts to the '07 tilt. If you're a fan of the three or into fantasy sports –I am and I have all three on various fantasy teams- your first mind is to press the panic button about the season. I'm here to stop you from doing any of that and to reassure everyone that these talented backs will get right soon enough. They're all too good to be this bad. It's as simple as that. In Chicago and New England, L.T.'s faced two grueling defenses. L.J.'s trying to get used to sorry-ass Damon Huard as the Chiefs' QB. And Reggie is just in a mini funk. By Week 5, all will be right in the NFL, and the only 1.9 associated with LaDanian's name will be the TD average he has per game.