dame dash 1What was your reaction when Cam'ron told you about it?
I was like, "What you talking about?” He said, "I made a record about Jay.” I said, "Oh shit! Let me get it.” Biggs was trying to get it as an MP3 before I got on the plane, but he couldn't, so I had to wait and hear it at my house in L.A. Cam' was laughing because he knew it was too late. He was like, "You're not gonna convince me not to do it.” Every other time, I'd convinced him not to do it.

Did Cam' do it because he felt you were slighted, or had he just reached his own limit with Jay?
A lot of people don't like what happened [between me and Jay]. They thought it was really fucked up. I used to punish Kevin Liles, and punish Lyor [Cohen]. I use to punish them dudes for trying to dis Jay. Then he started going on vacation with them. So I burned a bridge fucking with them, now he's their friend? I burned a lot of bridges based on orders [Jay] gave, and I was the one blamed for it. It was vicious. Now that I look at it, it's genius, but damn, that was my man. So now I feel manipulated because I would do anything for him.

dame dash 2L.A. Reid was the one to tell you that Jay-Z was taking Roc-A-Fella but you didn't believe him.
Any time I heard something fucked up about Jay, I would be like, "Nah, you crazy.” [L.A. Reid] was like, "Go check your man.” Then we had a little meeting and Jay was like, "Yeah they offered it to me, so I'ma take it.” I was like, "How you gonna take the name?” I was so stunned, I couldn't even argue. So I just said, "Fuck it, take it.” Then I saw [Jay] at Puff's birthday party, and he said, "If you let me take Reasonable Doubt, my master, y'all can have the name.” I said all right, took it with a grain of salt. Biggs was like, "Nah man, fuck him.” He said, "How he gonna do that to his boys?” So that's what happened.