Taimak Guarriello, otherwise known as the Zen-like Bruce Leroy in Berry Gordy's 1985 classic The Last Dragon, definitely couldn't feel the beat of the rhythm of the night. But he could sho' nuff kick some ass. However, after acquiring the high pro glow, the kung-fu brother's big screen career fizzled.

In the 20 years that've passed since the release of The Last Dragon, fans have barely seen a hasan chop or high-flying maneuver from the baby-faced thespian. "I always wanted to do more film work but I was in an exclusive contract with Berry Gordy,” says Taimak, 40, "so I couldn't try out for any other roles.”

Over the last two decades Taimak continued his martial arts training ("I'm proficient in so many eclectic styles that I don't even go by belts anymore,” he boasts.) and shared some of those famous moves with celebrities like Gwen Stefani and the Spice Girls' Sporty Spice. He also choreographed Madonna's 2001 tour and had a brief stint modeling.

In between running his New York dojo, Fitness Concepts, the New York native scored a few guest appearances on television series like, A Different World, Ally McBeal, Third Watch and Beverly Hills, 90210. All the while shopping a script for the long-awaited sequel to The Last Dragon. "I don't wanna give away too many facts about the plot,” he says, "but Sho'Nuff will definitely be coming back.”

As long as he can bring back Vanity, KING will be sure to buy the bootleg.—Anslem Samuel