6. Eminem vs. Moby

Eminem might've made a name for himself devouring amateur MCs in Detroit's underground ciphers, but he's made a career out of picking off easy targets. After skewering Everlast and the Insane Clown Posse, Em went after techno geek Moby, dissing the DJ on his 2002 hit "Without Me” and publicly threatening him at the MTV Video Music Awards, saying, "I will hit a man with glasses.” We're guessing Marshall didn't have to worry about Moby pulling a gun on him in response.

5. Timbaland vs. Scott Storch

You'd think the ability to write a decent rhyme would be a prerequisite in a war of words, but a complete lack of lyrical talent didn't stop beatmakers Timabaland and Scott Storch from slinging mud at each other. After Tim called out Storch on his solo album Shock Value, Paris's ex fired back on "Built Like Dat” with the line: "You tryin' to lose weight/tryin' to gain some respect/But still ain't lose that pack of franks/out the back a ya' neck.” The feud was soon squashed after both producers realized they had no business getting on the mic.

4. Shawty Lo vs. T.I.

The old adage goes, "It's not where you're from, it's where you're at.” Shawty Lo must've never heard that one. The D4L frontman waged war on fellow ATLien T.I. on "Dunn Dunn,” claiming T.I.P. isn't from Atlanta's Bankhead ‘hood. After T.I. responded on "You Done It Now” and "No Matter What,” L-O put up money to anyone who could produce a high school yearbook photo of Tip. The search revealed that the Rubberband Man actually attended Riverdale High School, miles away from Bankhead. Uhhh, who cares?

3. Weird Al vs. Coolio

When "Weird” Al Yankovic flipped Coolio's 1995 classic "Gangsta's Paradise” and turned it into the hilarious "Amish Paradise,” everyone got the joke—except for Coolio. Claiming that the comic parodied his song without permission, Cool made it clear that Al should stay out of his way. Not one to feud, Yankovic wrote a letter of apology that was never returned. Still, no one bothered to mention that the hook came from Stevie Wonder's "Pasttime Paradise” in the first place.

2. Lil' Bow Wow vs. Lil' Romeo

They weren't old enough to get into a PG-13 movie, but that didn't stop these teenyboppers from beefing in the early 2000s. After trading barbs in interviews and on tracks like Percy's "U Can't Shine Like Me,” the two reportedly almost came to blows backstage at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards with Bow backing down and hiding behind his bodyguard. Not exactly a showdown at the Source Awards.

1. Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy

After Ice-T said that Soulja Boy "singely handedly killed hip-hop” on a 2008 mixtape, Tell ‘Em responded the same way any other 18-year-old would—he vlogged about it. In a YouTube post, the Atlanta rapper mocked T's age and called him "the godfather of my nuts." Ice-T squashed the beef by apologizing for his comments, but stood by his belief that Soulja's music was garbage.—Ryan Murphy & John Kennedy