Don't let wifey fool you, America's Next Top Model is for men too. While your woman tunes in like it's a soap opera, you should be tuning in for the eye candy. We at KING certainly do. Since the show's first season, the KING team has kept on ANTM on TiVo. You know, for work purposes. Fine is fine, and from Toccara to Eva, when it comes to fine women, ANTM never disappoints. Shoot we even had Ms. Top Model herself, Tyra Banks, on the cover once.

So save that "they're too skinny for KING business" for someone else and take a look at the next crop of P.Y.T.'s from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 9 to help us decide if any of these girls have what it takes to grace our pages. If not the cover, maybe some love on the inside? Let us know which one you want to see. And maybe, if those fools at the CW answer our calls, you might get your wish.

WHICH ONE WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE IN KING? (click on pics for more information about each model)

Past Women From America's Next Top Model featured in KING Magazine